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Tips in Buying a Dog Door, Purchasing a Large Dog Door

Tuesday, December 18th 2018. | Doors Design

doors with dog doors, may I coming?
Having an ideal dog door will surely give you and your pet dog a more convenient life. Many homeowners choose to have pet dogs than to have other pets. It is because a dog can give them some advantages. It gives them health benefits and emotional benefits. Keeping your dog indoor all the time will make him bored. In consequence, he will create bad and annoying habits. To prevent it, you must let your dog out of the house and playing around the yard. Opening and closing the door for your dog is not convenient at all. That’s why you must get the right dog door for your dog.

Types of dog doors

There are several dog door styles that are available in stores. One of the things that differs them is the materials. Some dog doors are made up of certain material which is bite-proof. If your dog loves to chew, you must choose this particular dog door. Another thing that you must consider is the opening. A dog door with a door flap is very common. However, it does not offer you with energy efficient. You can also buy a dog door with sliding opening. It offers you with more energy efficient and lock. If your budget is limited, buying a manual dog door with a door flap is your option. But if you want more control over the dog in and out, you must choose automatic dog door.

Having the right size dog door

You must, of course, purchase a dog door that matches your dog size so that he can go in and out freely without harming himself. Before you buy a dog door, you must measure your dog size first. Once you measure it, you can cut create an imitation of a dog door from a cardboard in your dog size and let him in and out of it. Therefore, you can make sure that your measurement is accurate. The dog door you buy must be two inches wider than your dog’s width and slightly higher than your dog’s shoulders. Once you get the right size it is time to install your doors with dog doors.

Some steps to purchasing a Large Dog Door

Do you have large dogs? If you do, you must have large dog doors. Having a big dog has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that you can get difficulty in finding a dog door in appropriate size. However, you do not need to worry about it. There are certain manufacturers that offer you with sizeable dog doors. One of the big size dog doors measure 15 inches wide and 20 inches high. However, you must be careful in purchasing a dog door so that you do not buy a too big door.

Choosing the best quality dog door

When you are purchasing a big dog door, you must not only consider the size. But you must also consider the quality of it. If you are living in an area with extreme weather, you must buy a dog door with well insulated panel. When you are buying a dog door you must make sure that the panel is made up of non-toxic material. It must also have a lockout panel so that you can control the in and out of your dog. The dog door you buy must also be suitable for dog’s weight. Another thing that you must consider is the installation. Buying one that is easy and quick to install will save your energy and time.

Training your dog

Once you install the big dog door for your large dog, you must not expect that your dog can use it right away. You may need to train your dog to use it. Training your dog to use it may take time. However, you must be patient with him. Leaving the panel off for days is one of the strategies in helping your dog use the new dog door. You must not forget to give a treat to your dog when he uses the new extra large dog door.

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