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Selecting the Correct Windows for Homes

window designs for homesIt’s a common occurrence that some home improvement measures give greater benefits to any homeowner than others.  For instance, replacing worn-out windows and installing new ones will drastically improve the overall value of your house.  It’s clear that you should put a lot of value on choosing the right windows for your home as it will have a huge impact not only on visual appeal but also energy efficiency of your property.  Now let’s cycle through the major types of windows for homes, so you could see clearly their advantages and downsides.

Timber windows have been successfully serving people for centuries. Really, in some homes old timber windows are still in a good condition, notwithstanding their impressive age of several hundreds of years.  Undoubtedly, with proper maintenance they will keep serving for a long time.  Some trees aged 300 years look good, so there’s no wonder that windows made of this natural material – wood can efficiently withstand aging.  Perhaps, the only downside of timber windows is their single glazing which is normally inferior to more advanced double glazing technology.

If you are planning to replace your old single glazed timber windows, don’t install the same windows once again because you can opt for more advanced window designs for homes.  For example, you can purchase aluminum windows.   These windows boast sturdy frames and they aren’t exposed to corrosion.  If security is one of your major concerns, you’d better stick to this solution.

Frankly speaking, the first aluminum window products left much to be desired.  They demonstrated poor energy efficiency. Fortunately, manufacturers implemented a number of worthy improvements, so now these windows are worth your hard-earned money.

Modern timber windows are on a par with other window designs in terms of insulation.  Homes with these windows have an authentic appearance.  You can hardly achieve such an impressive effect with UPVC and aluminum windows.

It’s so sad that timber window products fail to be competitive enough, especially compared to relatively cheap UPVC windows.  There’s nothing you can do about this, as organic materials such as wood aren’t easy to process.

Respectively, if you’re eager to find something really budget-friendly, you should opt for UPVC windows which have been dominating the market for many years.  They’re easy to maintain, cost competitive, energy efficient and secure enough.

The other window designs illustrated above share some crucial qualities with UPVC windows, but anyway in most regards they’re unable to take on UPVC technology.  So most likely, you’ll choose exactly UPVC.


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