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Let’s Clean Industrial Windows

Wednesday, January 23rd 2019. | Exterior, Homes Windows Design, Minimalist Home Decor

industrial windows cleaningYou’ve just decided to purchase industrial windows for your home, but you don’t know how to clean them.  I hope the given guide will help you.

When it comes to buying metal industries windows, we usually think about aluminum-framed designs as they occupy a large segment in the market of industrial windows.  They feature a low maintenance frame and ensure fast installation.  The outer and inner frames are separated by a thermal break, which ensures decent energy efficiency.

Aluminum window designs normally come with drilled flanges, which greatly simplify the process of installation.  Besides this, they include sashes with nylon glides on the bottom as well as springs glides on the top. You can easily remove these elements from the inside of the frame, so you could start cleaning. As for cleaning, it can be carried out with the help of popular commercial products. For this purpose, you can also utilize water and soap.  You can clean the frames with any aluminum cleaner.  A mixture of vinegar and baking soda will suffice too.

Vinyl designs are another widespread representative of industrial windows.  For their production special UV protectors and non-plastic PVC powder are utilized. In addition to obvious energy efficiency benefits UPVC windows greatly contribute to environmental protection, especially when the low-e glass is employed. This glass can reduce carbon emission.

The sashes in double-hung and single vinyl UPVC models can be easily removed for cleaning.  You can push up and outward the inner sash in a single slider window and get down to cleaning or maintenance.  Do not use abrasive soap and acid chemicals for cleaning UPVC windows.

Tempered glass industrial windows boast durable glass specially designed to be resistant to heat. This glass can withstand any temperature without cracking.  Such windows demonstrate perfect energy efficiency.

It’s not difficult to clean tempered glass industrial windows.  For this purpose, you can utilize a soft cloth and it will be far more efficient than a squeegee because the latter can damage the tempered glass.  You don’t want to damage it, do you?

That’s what you should know about industrial window products and their cleaning.

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