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Let’s Change Your Vinyl Window Color!

Monday, January 21st 2019. | Homes Windows Design, Minimalist Home Decor

vinyl window colorsAs you know, the vast majority of homes have white vinyl windows. We rarely see other colors, so the white color has become a must-have attribute of all vinyl window designs.  However, some people may dislike this default color scheme.  For instance, I prefer dark colors such as grey, black or brown.  In my opinion, brown vinyl windows look more stylish and elegant than white ones.

So, you’re fed up with your white windows and you can’t stand this color any longer. It’s time to try other vinyl window colors.  By the way, white vinyl windows usually feature high-tech coatings, which can be painted.  Another option is to remove this naughty white coating, purchase another, brown or black one and install it.

In most cases manufacturers offer standard color options and this can hardly satisfy intricate tastes.  If you want to make your windows stand out, you need to have your windows properly customized.  Perhaps, the only way you can do it is to paint them with your own hands.

Keep in mind that painting this stuff isn’t just picking out the required color and working with a brush.  Anybody familiar with painting knows for sure that the surface needs to be prepared in the proper way.  To be exact you should thoroughly clean and prime those parts of the window you’re going to paint.  Use latex paint as it contracts with the vinyl.

Painting: step by step

You’ve got approximately three hours to do this job. Otherwise, proper cleanliness isn’t guaranteed.  Now learn what to do.

First, you should clean the glass vinyl using a mild soap.  Then rinse the surface, dry it and get rid of any residue, such as dust particles or lint.  Now get down to sanding.  This needs to be done to prepare a rough surface to ensure good traction between the surface and paint.  After this, clean it once again.

With the help of a painter’s tape mask isolate the surface you’re going to paint.  You should start at the top. Apply a thin coat of paint using long strokes.  Just two coats will be enough.  Now remove the tape and paint missed spots with a tiny artist’s brush if required.  Enjoy your new color!

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