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Learning more about Interior Doors

Saturday, January 26th 2019. | Decorating Ideas, Doors Design, Minimalist Home Decor

residential interior doorsAs structural home elements, doors are often overlooked by homeowners.  That’s a huge mistake because with proper design, materials and finish both exterior and interior doors demonstrate a huge difference in the overall look of a house.  Both types of doors serve absolutely different purposes.  Exterior doors provide security and protection, while the others give us privacy and separation.  In this review we’re mostly interested in residential interior doors.

Material for interior doors

Interior doors can be made of many materials, including MDF, solid wood, glass, metal and so on.  MDF doors also dubbed molded doors are produced of plywood and treated with a foil for a nice finish. They often come with veneers giving them natural feel.

Doors made of a solid wood core are known as semi-massive.  They are extremely sturdy and preserve their major properties for years.  However, it’s easy to confuse up-to-date MDF doors with semi-massive ones.  The only distinctive feature here is performance.  In this regard, semi-massive doors are absolute leaders.

Solid wood interior doors give us a genuine feel and weight of a well-done thing.  That’s almost impossible to emulate.  As a homeowner, you can also count on a powerful sound-absorbing effect. This makes them extremely suitable for playrooms and bedrooms.  They are also superior in terms of fire perspective.  Their only downside is price.  MDF doors are cheap, but their key properties leave much to be desired.

Types of interior doors

A traditional interior door, which opens inwards and outwards, consists of one part – a door leaf.  That’s one of the most ancient constructions ever created by mankind.  Though they suffice for many homes, there’re more advanced and attractive design solutions.  For instance, these may be double doors, interior doors with glass inserts, solid glass doors, sliding doors, etc. if you use decorative glass interior doors for your grand entrance, you’ll definitely win as glass transmits huge amounts of light and creates the feeling of space.  If there isn’t much space in your house, opt for sliding doors.  These also may be modern interior doors with glass.

Resistant interior doors

As you know, interior doors don’t boast any specific security, but you may want a fire rated one for this particular room.  For instance, you may purchase a water-proof door for your bathroom – it will successfully withstand moisture.  You can also enhance its water-proof property with a special threshold, so water couldn’t flow out from your bathroom.  Another popular specific quality is noise reduction.  Sound rated interior doors are usually installed in bedrooms and other rooms where noise isn’t welcome.


It’s apparent these popular home interior elements are produced in accordance with standard measurements.  Most newer homes are usually compatible with these sizes, so there can’t be problems with metric interior doors. However, this doesn’t apply to older houses – they may require alternative door sizes.  Fortunately, you can easily customize your inner doors by means of frames.  So you require taking measures on your doors and doorway and making sure that everything fits the newly-chosen frame.


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