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Interior Wall Painting Ideas

Most probably, like many other homeowners you’re also tired of seeing the same wall colors from morning till night.  That’s not another caprice of yours because numerous studies have proved that colors have a powerful impact on our moods.  Properly chosen interior paint colours can brighten the overall mood of the room, increase productivity of employees working there and even cure some diseases.

People exposed to visual under-stimulation normally demonstrate symptoms of excessive emotional response, restlessness, irritation, difficulty in concentration as well as other extreme reactions.  Sure, it makes no sense for you to put up with these boring colors.  Get down to immediate changes right now!  You require shifting to alternative interior paint colour schemes. If you don’t know for sure what to choose for your interior switch to nature.  Yes, the colors of nature are appealing to most people.  By choosing optimum interior wall paint colors, you’ll radically change the overall perception of your home interior for the better.  Now let’s see how different colors influence on human perception.


This color is good at conveying energy and excitement.  Older cultures employed this color for increasing energy levels and healing the lungs. With this color your home interior will look welcoming.


It’s really capable of increasing our breathing, pulse and blood pressure.  The red color is normally associated with love and passion.  Apart from that it stimulates appetite, so you can choose this color for your dining room.


We normally associate it with water and sky.  It gives us serenity and calmness.  Some researchers recommend this color for clothes when it comes to a job interview because it conveys productivity, reliability and loyalty.  Perhaps, you provide your bedroom with a soothing effect if you opt for this color. Just don’t overdose with blue – it may provoke depression.


When we see it, we think about optimism, cheer, sunshine and clarity.  Nevertheless, yellow can have rather a negative impact on us, because some people hate this color.  Furthermore, it’s very hard on the eyes and stimulates anger and frustration.


When talking about interior wall paint colors we can’t overlook green. It’s a very natural color, very relaxing and refreshing.  The vast majority of hospitals as well as doctors’ offices make use of green due to its healing properties.  As you might have already guessed, most schools and businesses also utilize this color in their décor as it ensure a powerful stress-relieving effect. So it’s welcome in your home interior design.

Black and white

In terms of risk, this combination is one of the best choices of all available interior design paint colors as most people perceive black and white neutrally.  Nevertheless, separately each of these two colors features a stronger association.  For instance, black stands for elegance and power.  You’ll give your room more depth if you use the black color.  White is associated with purity and cleanliness, while serving a perfect background for other colors.  Black and white is a good combination for your furniture as well as upholstery.


The color stands for drama, royalty, majestic and wealth.  Monarchs of different countries have been using it for centuries.  You can use it to make your interior look nobler.

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