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Interior Decorating Color Schemes for Walls

People started painting walls about thirty thousand years ago.  Perhaps, you’ve seen many caves on TV with original graphics on their walls.  Our ancestors definitely knew what to do with just a piece of coal, not to mention a paintbrush.   Colors played a significant role in a variety of ancient cultures.  They even used them for healing purposes.  Even now, colors go on healing people and making them more productive, efficient and less stressful at their workplace.    

We normally utilize paint to decorate our homes and preserve them in a good condition due to a protective coating.  Any paint consists of a pigment and a binder, holding them both together, while special thinners makes paint very easy to apply.        

Before the 19th century, the world “paint” stood only for oil bound types. Paints bond by blue were dubbed distempers.  The first synthetic dye was invented in 1856 and it was quite cheap to manufacture.  By 1880 Sherwin Williams started selling paints of different colors in tins.  From that moment paints started spreading all over the world.   

Since 1950, paint manufacturers don’t use mercury and lead in their production in accordance with the major principles of green revolution.  Up-to-date paints normally make use of synthetic resins.   

With wall paints, you’ll change the overall appearance and feel of your home interior for a relatively low price.  You only require sound interior decorating color schemes to reach this goal.  With properly chosen interior design color ideas for walls you’ll breath  new life into your home.

Many scientists have proved that colors affect people.  Some paint colors give a cooling effect, while others generate a sense of warmth.     

Up-to-date interior color trends for walls

Black is becoming popular once again!  Most likely this color will become dominating.  However, we mean exactly glossy black.  If you add a splash of white, you’ll achieve a modern and glamorous look.    

For a less dramatic feel use natural tones, including green, grey, duck-egg blue and earthly brown.  They will undoubtedly warm your heart.   

When it comes to decorating your home, ensure maximum freedom for yourself.  Just take for granted that your home is a unique personal creation, making a statement about who you are.  The overall interior design is just a compromise between functionality and appearance. 

If you’re interested in the contemporary look, utilize such material as polished and lacquered wood, glass and plastic.  Make your interior catchy by employing glossy finishes as well as metallic, including bronze, silver, gold and copper. 

More and more homeowners all over the world opt for antique metallic finish, which is the latest trend in home interior design.  Rough and irregular textures and finishes are also welcome. 

You’ll also benefit from the so called traditional-modern approach to your home design.  For this purpose you require combining traditional designs with up-to-date materials.  Art-Deco, Modernism & Ornate and retro are likely to get back soon.  Moreover, people will keep using fabrics, wall papers as well as feature lighting like Chandeliers.  


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