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Getting Educated about Interior Design Colour Schemes

Whatever style of room you’re going to create you can’t overlook the whole significance of interior design colour schemes.  Exactly interior design colours will determine the accessories, furniture as well as other crucial interior elements in your home.

If you’re about to create a specific home atmosphere, take advantage of this guide below to pick up the right interior colours for your house or apartment.


This color is considered a neutral background in interior design.  Nevertheless, it’s definitely good at highlighting stronger hues in a variety of color schemes.  On the other hand some colors can look more emphasized when backed by white.

By nature white includes lots of colors in the visible spectrum.  It can reflect up to 100% of light. That’s the color of mental clarity.


If you’re eager to draw attention to your home interior, use red.  It has no rivals in terms of stimulating our visual perception.  Of course, you know how bulls react to this color.  Humans also can’t pass by.  When we see red, our heartbeat, blood pressure and breath increase.  As you see, red stands for movement, energy and excitement.

Red is good for appetite, so it would be wise to use this color for dining rooms and kitchens. In a playroom red will generate tons of excitement and energy.  The color perfectly gets along with yellow and orange.


It’s normally associated with happiness, optimism and the sun.  Yellow enhances creativity and positive thoughts.  It gives a warm welcoming feeling, so it’s often used in kid’s rooms, offices and entrances.  When combined with grey, yellow creates rather a contemporary look.


That’s a mixture of yellow and red.  Respectively, it stands for happiness, drama and energy.  The color produces a feeling of warmth, confidence, creativity and fun.

If you’re concerned with creating a retro mid-century interior, make use of this color.  By simply applying touches of orange in your kitchen, you’ll stimulate appetite in your family.


It’s a definitely strong color. In most Western countries it’s the color of grief, death and penitence, while in many Eastern countries it stands for honor.  Furthermore, black is associated with power and authority.

As home interior design, black will add elegance and drama to your room.  It’s a popular approach to combine black with white to form an expressive color scheme.  If you admire gothic culture, you should make the most of this color.  Black is always welcome for leather upholstery, sofas and other furniture.


It’s a natural and relaxing color. It influences human bodies on a physical and mental level.  The color really helps to get rid of anxiety and nervousness.  By applying green to your home interior you’ll create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.   There’s no wonder green can be found in many hospitals and offices as it make people feel fit and confident.


The given color is a symbol of stability and home comfort.  We mostly see it in the food industry: cereals, bread, brown rice, coffee and so on.  By the way, that’s the second major color in gothic culture.  To get intriguing interior colour schemes with a sense of ease in your home interior, combine chocolate-brown with white and light blue.



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