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Evident Virtues Wooden Casement Windows

Wednesday, January 23rd 2019. | Exterior, Homes Windows Design, Minimalist Home Decor

wooden casement windowsDo you know the most popular window product choice throughout the USA and UK? Certainly, I’m talking about wooden casement windows.  They boast a hinged opening on the vertical edge, so you can open them completely for better ventilation.

These are quite ancient windows – they’ve been being used since the eighteenth century.  Even today, they are on a par with such fierce rivals as modern UPVC and aluminum windows.

More and more customers choose wood casement windows due to a number of attractive options.  The first advantage over PVC window products is a relatively long service life. Obviously, wood is a very durable material, however much depends on your possibility and readiness to maintain it.

Wood is an absolutely environmentally-friendly material.  By installing wooden casement windows, you will add visual appeal to your home.  Besides visual elegance, these windows also feature pleasant finishing touch.  Wooden frames have a classic look, so they will undoubtedly increase the overall value of your property.

When looking for new windows, you should focus on visual appeal, quality and price.  Though wood casement windows may appear to be more expensive than UPVC products, they will pay for themselves in a couple of years.  UPVC windows rarely serve longer than twenty years, while wood frames will remain durable enough even after 40 years of service or so.  For instance, a great number of homes with wooden windows have become museums.

Furthermore, you’ll be greatly amazed by their low maintenance.  I should say that many homeowners think that they’re bound to fix it all the time. It’s a false point of view.  The truth is that you’ll probably never touch these windows for the whole year, except the necessity to paint them.

Keep an eye on your windows, each time you walk around your house.  If you discover peeling chips and paint, fix it as it’s not difficult and time consuming.  One easy cosmetic repair a year will be enough.

Wood casement designs enable anyone to create a unique stylish home composition.  Wood obviously supports any paint, so you’ve got almost unrestricted possibilities of customization. In the nearer future these windows won’t require replacement and they won’t need it in the longer term too.

Some people think that wood is absolutely unable to compete with UPVC in terms of energy efficiency.  Well, if you find a reputable wooden casement window dealer, you won’t notice a huge difference in this regard.  I guess you’ve already ordered them.

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