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Basic Principles of Ceiling Design for Living Room

Friday, January 4th 2019. | Living Room Designs, Minimalist Home Decor

When it comes to decorating homes, people normally pay more attention to their ceiling design.  Obviously, ceiling is one of the most decisive elements of any house and its significance for the entire interior design is absolutely undisputable.   Your living room definitely requires more attention from guests. That’s why we should improve the ceiling in this room.

It’s believed that light colors are ideal for ceiling as they give anybody a relaxed feeling.  The dark color of the ceiling will most likely create an uncomfortable feeling.  However, that’s just a popular point of view.  On the contrary, some people prefer the gothic atmosphere where dark colors are dominating.

You’ll feel somewhat depressed in a room with the low ceiling especially if you’re a tall person.  This extremely unpleasant feeling is known as claustrophobia.  The feeling will be much stronger if the ceiling beam is lower than expected.  Take this into account when designing the ceiling for your living room.  Staying in the living room with this ceiling for a lot time may cause a serious depression.  Fortunately, you can neutralize this negative effect by installing decorations on the four sides of your ceiling.  For a better result the middle area should have a concave shape with the light installed in the center.  Besides a decent lighting effect, this will add harmony and peace.

When working out the living room ceiling design you require paying much attention to the lighting effect.  As for lamps, they need to be hidden inside your ceiling, thus creating mysterious reflections.  You will create a cozy atmosphere in the living room if the ceiling color matches the indoor color.  Crystal lights should team up with your daylight lamp – that’s functional and attractive.

You can drastically improve the overall aesthetic value of your living room if you attentively follow the ceiling design tips illustrated above.

Ceiling Design for Living Room

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